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COVID-19 and the workplace

My first post is a topical one...Coronavirus, or rather avoiding being exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (this is the name of the organism which causes the COVID-19 illness) because of working environments or work practices, has been consuming a lot of my working and waking hours these past 6 weeks.

There's a lot of misinformation out there regarding COVID-19, but fortunately, we can directly access the sage advice of real experts... WHO have produced a resource to assist business owners to prepare for the arrival of the virus in their communities. It's worth reading because the advice is equally applicable to reducing the usual winter illnesses in our workplaces...less sickness benefits our communities as well as our businesses 💝 You'll find the resource here:

I've been working on (off-shore) worker protection from COVID-19 since mid-January and have seen a ton of dodgy advice out, when you're reviewing your business continuity, I would recommend sourcing your COVID-19 updates from reliable, science-backed sources such as; (In New Zealand): MoH ( ),

WHO ( ) and CDC ( ) and just use local media to monitor for public health announcements...and hopefully this will fizzle out soon 😀

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